Since we celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Veterans Day is it time for us to lobby for Caregiver's Day?

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Of course, it cannot be a national holiday because we all know that ours is a 24/7 job with little, if any relief or back-up. Perhaps the kind folks that got the Family Leave Act on the law books might add a tiny amendment that declares February 29th as this day since it only comes every four years and is not claimed by any other group. Or maybe make it Friday the 13th of one of the long months since this only happens occasionally and should be celebrated anyway.

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They way it would probably work out is that we'd get stuck making all the preparations for the celebrations!

Have to figure out a way for the law to be written where the sibs that don't do anything have to ante up some time and the caregivers go for a 3 day weekend,
Caregiver's Weekend. Like Labor Day Weekend, etc.

Should probably figure out how to make it happen 4 x a year too.

November is National Caregiver month here in Alexandria. Mayor showed up and a luncheon was provided for us with gifts. A little glass plaque. It was pretty nice.
Are you serious?? That's great!
Kelley, that rocks!!!! I've never heard of that before

ezcare-why we don't all just go ahead and claim Feb 29th as our own caregivers day? We all can celebrate and support each other. Do a secret santa or something....
I know exactly what I'd get you, rephill.. a great big box of new kleenex!!! I'm known as the kleenex girl....maybe me and poopy face should get together? lol

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