Should my 86-year-old Diabetic mom have MRI done?

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The Dr. saw cysts on her kidneys and wants her to have an MRI to rule out cancer. She is on anxiety meds I don't think she should have the MRI, what if they find more? It will be too much for her to bear with my Dad living in a Nursing Home after suffering a sever Stroke. I will support her decisions but just wonder...would it be worth her worry?

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What if it is cancer would she do anything about it? If not, then forget the MRI why put her through it?
I agree! I Just don't want to be the one to interfere with her health care decisions. Just today she say's her side continues to hurt and really hopes the MRI will give some determination as what is going on. So... in the morning, off to the Dr. we go.
I guess she's the one that made the decision then. I personally would want to know what's going on inside my body, but not everyone does. I guess she does. Good luck at the doctors.
Thanks for the well wishes. We should know something by next week.

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