Should leg wraps be kept on all night for leg swelling?


My Mom's legs swell from time to time. I use ace bandage wraps to reduce the swelling. She wears them all night.
Recently, I was told that she should only wear them in the daytime and not at night. They seem to help more when she keeps them on all day.
Which is correct?

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Thanks always, I appreciate your medical knowledge. I wasn't sure because mom sleeps in a recliner - not perfectly flat. The swelling does not occur a lot, but when it does it effects her feet, ankles, and calves. She does a really good job watching her salt. I am trying not to have her be dependent on Lasix, but she uses it if things get too bad.
Thank you for telling me about swelling on one side...never thought about it, but now I know what to look for.
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Typically legs swell during the day because of "dependent edema", meaning because a patient is up (even in a chair) fluid settles in feet, ankles and lower legs.This swelling should disappear at night when laying down. Typically health care providers recomment wrapping legs or support stockings when the patient is up and then nothing during the night to give them a break and let the skin "breath". Anytime there is swelling on just one side it should be evaluated by a physician (looking for a blockage including a blood clot). Swelling that doesn't go down at night should also be evaluated by a doc.
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