What can I do for an elder that is experiencing severs confusion and hallucinations to occur after being placed in a nursing home?

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I put Mom in a nursing home five days ago. She'd had some occasional mild confusion at home, but often was coherent and oriented. On the day she was admitted she was lucid and coherent. The next morning when I went to see her she was totally disoriented and was hallucinating. She has not slept at night except for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning. The staff tells me it's not unusual for someone to be very confused for the first couple of weeks, that it takes that long to get acclimated. They were going to contact the dr today to go over her meds and see if he wanted to make any changes or order a sleeping pill. Does anyone have experience with this? Is this confusion and hallucinating a normal reaction to nh placement? Help!

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i have not placed my parents in a nursing home, but i am helping an elderly couple for years, and i helped my friend put her husband into a nursing home at the first day he wanted a divorcee sell the home and he would go on his way, but he needed looking after, and he didn't like what was being done, but it needed to be done, once he got the run of the place and settle down, he loves it know i was talking to him when i was sick on the phone, and ask how was he sleeping now, and he said Fernando when my head hits the pillow I'm dead to the world, and brags how he no longer needs to worry about money but he also had trouble sleeping at first, his wife is frail and was not able to look out for him, and they never had kids. but he has been living there for 11 months and his happy. They said it would take 2 weeks to adjust and he has so keep the faith and hang in there and God Bless
I don't believe them. My sister was put in one and she didn't act like that and a bother in law. But if she was my mother I would take her out. Have her blood tested to see what kind of drug they have been giving her. She sounds like they are druging her too much.
Reba, ou are so right! If you leave your mother there long, you will see what is happening. I still preach--Make the nurses let you see the MAR (report that shows what meds were given on each shift, who gave them, time given, etc). See if there are medications that are given that she was not taking at home. Look up each med and found out what is if for,side effects, etc. When you are a caretaker, you have to become a doctor, a nurse, an administrator, a financial advisor and many other things. Most of all, a fighter. I am convinced that there a many elderly who die in nursing homes because of medicines given to keep them calm and out of the way! Be nice but be suspicious of every one and everything that you see and for sure, what you don't see!!
Hi all,
Thanks for the advice. I already did that with the drug record yesterday. I'm a nurse, so I know what I was looking at, and she hasn't had any medications that she wasn't already on at home. In fact, after her first night of not sleeping I asked if they gave her the Elavil. The doctor ordered it prn (as needed) but I was giving to her every night because she couldn't sleep without it. They hadn't given it to her because I hadn't signed the form to give her tranquillizers or other mood-altering drugs. My checks since then show they've been giving her just one per night. I kinda don't think medications are the problem here.
Maggie, I had the same experience with my Mom. Nights were hard for her at first.
When she was home I gave her both, lorazepam and mirtazapine-in the NH, they gave her just one because one of them said "as needed". I explained to them that she needed both every night and she's been ok every since.
NH's cannot be blamed for everything that our loved ones do or don't do.
I get tired of hearing how bad NH's are, they give wonderful care, at least where my Mom is, they do.
We complain about caring for one person, they take care of several, all a bit different and they do it with compassion.
It is true that most of them aren't happy all the time, Mom isn't but she wasn't when she was home either.
I'm not happy all the time,show me a person that is and I'll show you a real nut !!!
Hi Nance, and thank you. I know you're a few months ahead of me on this one. Mom didn't sleep again last night, but finally early this morning she conked out and hasn't woken up yet. The dr (he's been her dr for 2 yrs and also is on staff for the nh) went and checked her out. He suggested IV fluids for 24 hrs to prevent dehydration, as she isn't eating or drinking today because she's sleeping. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping that she'll catch up on badly needed sleep and start turning around.

I checked this place out on the medicare website where they do NH inspections, and it has historically done very well. I've been impressed with how caring and concerned the staff is. They are into transparency, no formal visiting hrs, you can show up any time day or night, can walk into the therapy room and talk with the therapists without appointments, etc. As I said, I'm a nurse and know what to look for, and I think she's getting quality care. I have seen places where I wouldn't put my dog, but this isn't one of them.

By the way, I know some people who would qualify as real nuts by your definition, but I think they're faking it most of the time :)
That makes me laugh. Those who blow sunshine have their down times, too. Thanks for sticking up for the NH issue. They aren't all bad, but some I wouldn't even put a junk yard dog in. LOL I think it's wonderful for those who do and can care for their loved ones at home. We just know our limitations.

When I have concerns for Dad's behavior, I have asked them to check his meds. They do that often anyway. The one time he was sleeping, and could barely walk, I asked, and they changed it right away (Ativan prn). They are pretty good, and know much more than me. Not infallible, though. All I know is that Dad is doing better than he did at home with Mom, better than he did in the other NH, and my limitations. The rest we leave to God. I do try to stay alert, though. Thanks for reminding us to keep checking when in doubt.
Yes by all means keep a check on them. Putting them in a home and the next day they are like the walking dead. There is a reason for that. Too much medication. They do it, believe me I worked in a hospital and if they act up that is what they do. The remark was 'I have had enough of this' and she came back with a shot - sleep time 5-6 hours
Reba-Where you from and what hospital was that??
NANCE, St Lukes hospital in 1954. Toledo, Ohio

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