Sensitivity to Cooking Odors. Is this something I should discuss with her doctor?

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My 89 y/o MIL has become extremely sensitive to cooking smells. As soon as I start cooking anything with seasoning she has a fit, starts closing doors, opening windows and retreating to her room. She says the smells make her sick. Last night it was a oven roasted chicken with nothing but Montreal Chicken seasoning but it happens when cooking anything that's the least bit seasoned. I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to make her uncomfortable but even bacon frying will set her off. I try using the exhaust fan but its not good enough. Is this something I should discuss with her doctor? Everything I've read is that as people age the LOSE their sense of smell, that is not the case here.

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Sure, mention it to her doctor. I'm not aware of that as a symptom of a particular disorder (except pregnancy!), but the doctor might be.

Is she OK eating the seasoned food?
yes, she has no trouble eating the food, although I don't serve her anything very spicy. Its the weirdest thing..
thanks for your help!

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