How do I report misconduct of a home health care person?

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My parents are paying a person who claims to be a certified CNA to help with home care, errands, & housework. She is drawing unemployment & my ste-father is paying her cash under the table. She is continually involving herself in personal and financial matters of not only my parents, but of the children who are caregivers also. Her focus is on my step-father who recently sold his ranch property and has a substantial amt. of money in the bank. She has taken it upon herself to oversee his finances & best interests. She is causing him to mistrust his wife & children, creating disention amongest the family members who have been caring for the both of them. The wifes condition is very poor right now, so she has managed to mentally gain all his confidence in her over-exagerated actions & behavior. She belittles a grandchild verbally, & has the family extremely upset except for my father. I am very concerned with her intentions & actions. He is 85 years old & extremely vunerable at this point.

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contact ur local dept of aging protective services and file a report of elder abuse or financial explotation. it is anonymous.
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Yes get rid of her asap. Sit down and talk to your Dad and tell him how you feel and what she could do. She may have him sign forms giving her money or authority, she may rob him or fake a fall and sue him. Could you find a replacement and bring her over, its hard but look on the type sites or an go to an agency. Bad news there! I only pay with a check and all is recorded and taxes paid, she is up to something , go with your gut, its always right!!!! Good Luck!
Contact Protective Services but I would also consider having your father evaluated for competency to be sure he still has the mental capacity to make good Financial decisions. You can also check your states website to see if she is a CNA and if there has been any action taken on her certification. You might also want to contact your states unemployment office and report her as she is now employed and not reporting the income and most likely still receiving an unemployment check which is unlawful. Might tell you a little about the type of individual taking care of your father.
Thats a GOOD one reporting her as working, never thought of that! But will that make her mad and steal or treat him badly if she is notified while she is still working for her Dad? Same with the APS, once she gets wind of it for an interview, she might take revenge. I think it will all have to be done in one interview without notification or something? Hummmmmm, complicated , great idea thou.
That's how they do the interview. They don't let you know. They just showed up at my house and spoke with my mother and came into our home without our ever knowing it. We were told 3 weeks after they came to see mom that we were reported and they found nothing wrong. They are very hush, hush about the elderly and don't give anyone a heads up. Thank goodness for us we were doing nothing wrong but people just wanted to start trouble for us and we are in the clear. For those that are doing something wrong, PS does do it in a way that the elderly are protected and the person accused is investigated without their knowledge. Face it, if they knew they were going to be investigated they could cover their tracks. We also just installed a camera system in and out of the house that we can monitor at work or on our phones to see what is going on. It also lets me watch my mom during the day and it also lets mom see who is at the door without her ever having to open it. Might not be a bad idea to invest in this and you can watch what she is doing without her knowledge and catch her in the act.

italianbabs, we also have a camera system we can watch from work online, it was a lifesaver but I am now retired and only use it if I go out with a caretaker here and only look at it if I think there could have been a problem. I also had a sibling try and make trouble for me and the APS called me for an interview, they didnt just show up. (good thing as I never answer the door to strangers) I also got a certified letter saying it was "unfounded" and when I called the APS, she told me I was doing a fabulous job with my Mom. Yes! (loved that because my sibling looked like a fool) So, I guess it depends on the APS in your areas. They could just show up at her fathers house and then the caretaker could steal something when she leaves that day, is tricky. What a horrible situation poor buxembenz is in though!
I agree. They told me and my uncle who is mom's POA that we could not get a copy of the report and what they found which I dont think is fair. I feel if you investigated me then I should be given the report saying what you found for my safety in case someone tries it again. She also told me I was doing a fabulous job and mom was well taken care of and she found absolutely nothing wrong. I hope this lady was on the up and up. We have nothing to prove that she was actually from PS. She could have been someone just from the street preying on the elderly. I had mom's phone number changed too since she called my mom and made her come down the steps and open the door and let her in. Very, very scary.
You didn't get a certified letter? You are supposed to and them person who reports itngets nothing.nthe reporter is supposed to be secret but it was admitted on the interview with me when I showed her legal documents of the same sibling slandering me elsewhere proven wrong by a lawyer.
Got absolutely nothing and they said we were not entitled to anything. We have to go through some legal system to get it.
The person who does the reporting gets nothing, just the person who was investigated. (spellcheck on this iPad is horrible, hope you read my emails lol)

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