A relative took almost $70k over a 2 year period from mom and put her account into a $2k negative balance. This looks like gifting or hiding assets to Medicaid and now I don't think she can get it. What can we do?

Relative transferred money into his own account and into his business. Took allmost $70,000 over a 2 yr period and ended up putting account into $2000 negative balance (overdraft protection). This looks like gifting or hiding assets to MedicAid. Have been working with bank who says accounts are insured but they are slow and don't return my calls. I think Mom's chances of getting MedicAId are screwed. I don't think she'll live another 5 years to achieve a good "look back" period.

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i'm dealing with the same thing, my gandparents did a Reverse Mortgage and with some of that money they did work to the house. about 40,000 then my grandfather passed and she (grandmother) had to pay all his credit cards about another 40,000 then in about 2years her two no goods sons took the rest of the money little by little, now i'm trying to get her some in home care. and i don't think they are going to give it to her because they think she hiding money. the only way they will really help is you have nothing. Now heres the big problems my husband and i brought the house. here the mistake we made. we left her name on the deeds because we wanted to make sure she always had a place to live just in case something happen to us, big, big mistake. we have found all this out in the last few weeks, not sure what going to happen. but all they can say is she can't have it.
BGB ~ what an awful mess. Can you talk to an Elder attorney?

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