I heard that President Obama has made a provision in his new health care plan. Will it include payment to caregivers?

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It is about time-it has seemed to me that caregivers have been ignored -we did not ask for this responsibilty it just happened to us and we seemed to be alone and mostly if it were not for this site we would be. Whenever I talk to those running for office who need and want my support I ask for support for caregivers esp. in my county where it is hit or miss about getting help that is promised by medicare for home care and often the caregiver with their own health problems get short shifted while others get more help then is needed. If caregivers got some pay for what they do they could aford to have someone come in and help and relieve the burden, it would make all the difference in the world for caregivers.
If we get paid as caregivers, we will need proof that we are caregivers, and how do we go about that? How do I prove that I clean my dads house every week, or that I set all of his doctors appointments, go on most with him, help him write out his checks to pay his utilities, do his laundry, etc...how do we prove this?
from what i have heard the doctor can declare their abliltiy or lack of to take care of themselves
It is called a 'Personal Services Contract' - between you and the person you are caring for. Document what you do and the compensation. There are even sample contracts online - do a search. But, remember, it is income and must be reported and taxes paid. See an Elder Law Attorney on this one. Don't wait for Obama. The government is broke.
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This would be a big help to caregivers I hope something comes of it-we save the gov. millions and milions of dollars by caring for our loved one usually at the risk of our own health. We need to speak up to anyone running for office-a lot of them are young and do not even know there is a problem.

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