I am in charge of my mom's money right now, is this going to cause me problems down the line?

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I am my mom's POA and do almost all of her purchasing for her. She tells me what to get at the store, I pay her bill's etc. I take her to Walmart or where ever and if she wants something I carry her debit card and I use it for her. She can't remember pin #'s anyway,
Now that mom has sold her house and has some money in the bank she wants to buy a decent TV and smaller bed for her small apt. Is this going to cause me problems down the line?

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Do you have Durable POA?
I have POA for my mom and I let her get what she wants. It is her money after all. I have a credit card for "her" account as I had to co-sign for it. But in my own mind I know that she is not getting ripped off by me, can't be ripped off by anyone else as she lives with me, and if she wanted a TV or bed that would be in her apt., why shouldn't she have it? If my mom wanted a new TV in her "sitting room" here in my house, I would get it for her using her credit card, and pay the bill from her money.
just keep all her sales slip just in case they come back and haunt u on it .
pa had credit card and i buy stuff he needs with it and it turns out good .
if ma wants something and she can afford it then she shall have em ....
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It is her money. Use it on her. If she needs a PCA or a homemaker, arrange it and pay for it with her money. As Linda says, keep the billing statements or some record of what it was used for, in case she ever needs to apply for Medicaid, or in case you have relatives who will suddenly become very interested in where that money went when the estate is distributed.

But definitely, buy a new bed, buy new sheets, buy a new TV, get her the cable channels she likes, this is her money.
I get a large envelope at the beginning of each year and keep all the receipts for things I purchase for my Mom. Remember to keep online receipts too and copies of any recurring payments, etc. Mom opened up a charge card acct. with a small limit so I can use it for purchases when she cannot use cash. Also, I really like online banking to pay bills because I have a monthly statement if needed.
Basically you can buy anything for her or her care. Keep good records and do not intermingle your accounts. If you need to be reimbursed for something you bought for her, just make note of it in the check register.
I do not see any problems buying her what she wants...she should have them to enjoy. I think the only time you would have to worry about "things down the road" is if large sums are moved into and out of her accounts.
good luck
Thanks everyone, your answers are pretty much how I have been handling it but I keep reading about this 5 year look back. Since she wants what she wants and it is her money within reason I don't argue with her to much. I make almost all of her purchases for her either with her visa / debit card or bill pay. I realize my mom money is her money and I am using it accordingly. I just don't want to be hassled by medicare somewhere down the line for choices she makes.
It would be Medicaid that would take the lookback. And they are looking for things like giving large sums of money or other assets away. They are absolutely not going to object to your mother buying new furniture, clothing, taking vacations, etc. Paying for an around-the-world cruise for you, well that might raise some eyebrows.
Jeannegibbs, it would especially look bad if I didn't even take mom on the trip wouldn't it? LOL
Umm, yup, that would be the tipoff.
keep reciepts and always cover your butt.
also try to keep her money/bills seperate from your own, that way if anybody ever does ask, you can show that youve done right by her..

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