What is the process in Illinois to have someone admitted to assisted living?


The caregiver has both Medical and Financial POA. Does she need to go to court to have her mom moved to assisted living or does she only need a doctors form stating her mom can no longer live alone?

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My aunt is unwilling to move into assisted living. The doctor signed a form stating that she could no longer drive and the state suspended her license. Her POA lives out of state and has been told that she would have to go to court and have her mom declared unfit to put her in a safer environment. I did not think this was the case. I thought that her doctor could sign a form stating that my aunt could no longer live alone and then her POA could make other arrangements. I would like to know if this form is available on line so that I could forward it on to her POA as another possibility. Thank you, in advance, for your help.
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golfr54 ,

Is your mother willing to be moved into assisted living? If she is you just need to find an assisted living facility that you and your mother both feel comfortable with. We have many assisted living partners on AgingCare.com if you click the following link and fill out your information we can partner you with.


Now if your mother is unwilling to move into an assisted living facility the POA can force her to move. It might be a little more complicated but its doable. Hope this helps.
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