Is anyone dealing with a parent that has obsessive thinking?

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Before it was with mail and, especially sweepstakes. He would sit for hours at his desk and read every word...including fine print and send off checks. It got so bad, we had to change our phone number. Now, he is obsessed with an old flame that lives in Kansas. Now that is all he talks about. He has fantasies about her and the way she was when she was 18. That was 70 some years ago. He can seem to think about anything else, and that is all he talks about. It's exasperating!

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Sounds to me like he is looking for the "thing" that will fix his current situation...the solution to why live is the way it is. Both contain the possibility of "this could change everything" scenarios. You probably can't stop the obsessive thinking. But maybe you can see through it to the person who so hungrily craves a deus ex machine. Sending love and light your way...
Poor guy. At least the current obsession doesn't sound risky -- unless he tries contacting the woman. Does he have other symptoms of mental or medical problems?
I've noticed with my mother-in-law who has dementia/alz, she gets something on her mind and obsesses about it pretty bad. Now she's a pleasant person to deal with, so it's fairly easy to answer her question or respond to her obsession, then she's able to move on. But gotta tell ya, it's pretty hairy at times the stuff she comes up with. But it's all part of dementia I guess.
Thank you Jane and Jeanne for your replies. In answer to your question, Jeanne, my father has been writing on a regular basis and talking to his lady friend on a regular basis. My concern was when he told me he wanted to fly out to Kansas and stay with her. He has some physical problems, COPD, sleep apnea, heart disease, not to mention he is extremely hard of hearing and falls asleep on a dime. I don't think he could get through security on his own, much less find his flight. He would probably end up in Florida or Maine for all I know. I love him dearly, but it's his obsession with her that drives me nuts. It seems he can't think of anything else and has started up a romance with her, telling her he loves her, etc. I told him that he ought to keep it just a friendship, but he isn't listening to me. I sometimes feel more like his mother, than his daughter. I want him happy, but this is a bit too much. At least that is how I feel.
(PS) Oh, and no he never has had any mental problems. Other-than, he always has been anal and a profectionist...but I don't think you can call that a mental problem.
Thanks Nancy for your input. I was wondering if my father might have early stages of dementia. I probably should consult with his doctor about that. My dad is a very pleasant person, too. It's just that when he gets hooked on something, he won't let up.....AT ALL!

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