What is Obama doing for caregivers?

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HMMMM! Just as I thought......NOTHING!
well he did say he wanted to build new roads and bridges. Bridge to nowhere? Road less traveled? Grants to caregivers with matching tax write offs? HMMMMM!
You are right Jerome, we need more new roads and bridges to help the elderly, and the caregivers to get nowhere. And they should charge a toll as well. Ever notice these toll roads are always empty? HMMMMMMM!
I have to say Naus, I have a friend who is a steel painter who is swamped in work right now, so this is good for some people. I do feel that there may be more harm to our freedoms than good. 'Bama may help us caregivers, jus to early to tell. The Toll roads around here simply help people get faster to where they are going. Jus busy busy busy like bees.
Hi Jerome! I have lived in two different states where there were plenty of toll roads, and I have to tell you, they were empty everytime I saw them, and that was every day.
But to stay on topic, don't hold your breath on the help expected from the annointed one.
anyone here try emailing him or their congressional representative? I have. The answer I got back from my rep was not canned and he was very concerned about caregiver issues because quite a few military spouses are now caregivers for their elderly famliy members and their returning wounded warrior soldiers. There is some legislation in the pike in Texas, not sure about the federal level or other states. But hey it sure didn't hurt for me to ask.
Ask away, and yes they will definately be so sympathetic, but what are they actually doing about it?
I agree with Lissanne. I have seen some articles recently and even a special on TV which discussed caregivers and our issues. I think that bringing our stories to the attention of our polititcians might help. Lissanne is right - it doesn't hurt to pick up the phone and ask them to recognize caregivers.

Regardless of politics, I have heard it said that at some point in everyones life they will become a caregiver, know a caregiver or need to rely on a family member to act as a caregiver. Alzheimers is increasing, people are living longer and the baby boomers are aging.

Maybe the topic should be changed to what is our government doing for caregivers, instead of just the current president. Caregiving is not political, but like many other groups relies on politicians to set national priorities to support our efforts. I wonder what would happen if our politicians passed legislation that would recognize and support what caregivers do and how much we contribute to our families and society.
I'm relieved some people here are not fooled by some biased reporting I've noted here. Way too many people still believe the biased mainstream media and only listen to what they say. And people don't seem to care as much about obvious lies anymore. Sad. God help us all because we surely do need His help!

Besides I'm of the mindset that I don't really WANT government "help" (aka--INTERFERENCE!). We need to find solutions ourselves and quit depending upon the government that nearly always fails us!
Vote him out. He doesn't even care about the elderly. Let alone caregivers
Sure let us take care of our elders so the government saves on Medicaid.
Then he can hire "more" government. Already in our private business too. Much.

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