Nursing staff are making mistakes, is this typical?

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Some of the nurses where my mom is currently (rehab hospital) are really starting to seem incompetent. I realize nobody is perfect but these have been some really stupid mistakes. One was the nurse that didn't bother to address a coronary incident my mom was having, nurse #2 was involved in that mess. They called me rather than the ambulance. Nurse #2 couldn't handle a prescription for medical equipment. It was for a heart monitor to be worn 30 days. The rehab hospital was supposed to fill it. Nurse #2 thought it was to be worn 3 days and that she would get it at her next cardiologist appt. weeks away. She really is an idiot, any time I have had to communicate with her she can't figure out the simplest concept. We already had it out with the facility over the botched cardiac incident. Some of the other nursing staff seem to know what they are doing and seem very competent. How do you deal with this without creating more drama?

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No, this is not typical. Like you said, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, but this sounds like pure incompetence. My mom was in a nursing home for five years before she passed away. She was well taken care, but once in a while, there would be an issue with her care. At first, I went to the Director of Nursing, but quickly found out, that did not get much response. I started going directly to the Adminstrator who was a wonderful man. He got on it immediately and always took care of my concern. It doesn't matter how much drama it causes, do not stop until something is done. This is your mother! If nothing changes, I would look for another rehab hospital. Good luck!

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