Can a nursing home kick a resident out?

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My mom is having a difficult time adjusting to her Nursing Home. She has become verbally abusive at times. I visit her several times a week but nothing seems to help, She has a complaint about everything. My question is, can the Nursing Home kick my mom out?

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Hi Marci1116,

There is an article written by an Editor that was already posted in our community. We thought this might answer your caregiving question.

Can my parent be asked to leave assisted living because of bad behavior?

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I saw this answer but it relates to Assisted Living facilities. Is the same true for Nursing Homes ?
Yes they can, with 30 day notice. But where I work, it has to be an extreme case before they do like if they are threatening or abusive to other residents. You know with nursing homes, it's all about the number of residents.

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