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Mom lives with us but is not a dependent. She has Medicare and receives Soc Sec payments. She needs either dental insurance or a dental plan. I've read that dental plans are less expensive. Is this true?

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Dental Plans can be a better solution. Example: You can pay $40/month for a $1,500 annual benefit with insurance. That's only an actual dental benefit of $1,020 ( $1,500-$480).

A dental plan offers no annual maximums, no deductibles and no paperwork like insurance. You can pay $140 up front for the year and only pay for the discounted services you use. For example. The same dentists will accept a discounted rate from a provider like Careington or Cigna and you simply pay the negotiated rate.

A check-up may run you $100 normally, but you can get the same service with a dental plan for less than $50 or even free with certain plans.

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