pamela6148 Asked July 2010

I want to use a nanny cam to make sure mom isn't being abused. What is the best one?


I've gotten 3 recommendations from Fryes Electronics: The Swan, (they say makes the best products), The QC, and the Lorex, (this one has a motion detector). Anyone heard of these, there's also an sc card we'll have to purchase. Pricing ranges from $199.00 to $249.00 and that doesn't include the sc card of 32 gigs, which is $69.00

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georgia4553 Nov 2011
My Mom-in- law is in assisted living apt. Husband is POA and successor trustee for all money and finacial matters. Problem is his 2 estranged sisters one of which is "guardian" to Mom-in-law. We would like nanny cam in Mom's apt to see what is really going on. Mom-in law complains of being forced to go out when her back hurts. She is currently hospitalized with SECOND back Fx in last 6 months. What can we do to assure Mom-in-laws safety???
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pamela6148 Jul 2010
You're a blessing MiaMadre!
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MiaMadre Jul 2010
I don't have any experience with these systems, but I am sure that you will hear from other members on the group about the ones you mentioned.

I used cameras from and other 'pieces' so I could record on my 'old' vcr. Since I was the one mostly here with Mom I didn't need as sophisticated a system, and the 'night vision ones' I got from worked nicely for me.

I posted on your other 'topic' about the legalities of recording anyone. I do hope you get the level of comfort from the camera that you choice. I could not have managed without the ones installed in my home.
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