My wife's dad pays her for caregiving from his VA pension. How do we claim this income on our tax return?

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I'd suggest a CPA just to be safe. It's income, but it could be handled differently than other income. Also, you may have deductions if you pay any expenses out of pocket. Much depends on the amount.
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If your father is paying you for his care, you should report the income as self-employment income. You can deduct expenses you incur in providing the service, such as food, supplies, and other expenses for her care. The income and expenses would be reported on Schedule C of your income tax return, and you will also need Schedule SE to pay self-employment tax on the net income.
Wait a minute--if father pays, say, one fourth of mortgage each month as his fair share to live in home, does that count as INCOME to the daughter and son-in-law in whose name the mortgage is held???? And they're suddenly in business and have to pay income and SE taxes???? But then couldn't they deduct the entire amount of dad's payment because they are paying it all to the morgage company? What if they figure dad really gets MORE than 1/4th value of house by living there and not paying utilities etc, can they claim a LOSS on their Schedule C?
Yes evahelene especially if it is more than 600$ annually. It sucks because self employement tax is high because it is your portion of social security and medicare. So in addition to paying self employment tax you pay income tax also. When I worked self employed I made like 10,000 my first year I paid 3500 in taxes. Good luck guys. And SDCinCA the expert Jon gave a very good and right on answer.
What types of cares is she paying for out of that is the question? If it is medically related and needed then it can be itemized on your taxes under medical, if it is not concsidered needed then it probably cant be under medical.
So if my father-in-law uses his funds (pension and social security) to pay his son-in-law to come into his home to care for him during the day, the son-in-law must report the funds paid to him on his income tax return, correct?
My parents pay for their property and school taxes but the house is in my name can the get a tax rebate?
Again sorry did not realize how old the original post was.
If your fatherinlaw is a veteran, which you already stated, He should file for aid an attendance through the local veterans office, it will can give him moren money in which to pay for services also he might be eligible for a caregiver depending on time of service, what his disability is etc. Contact your local Veterans office or ask for assistance at the local VA hospital. My mother had this benefit for years.
By me taking care of my grandmother could I file taxes and get paid for it .knowing that my grandmother pays me monthly .

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