My parents live in a house I own - they are both competent but they are spending their money so fast. It is out of control, what can I do?

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I would suggest some legal advice from a ElderCare Attorney. You can contact one in your area. Talking to parents about finances is always a touchy situation. The same would be if your parents tried to speak to you about yours. In that light, think of the words that you would respond to positively if the situation was reversed! It is important to reassure them that your not interested in taking their independence away or to interfere in their lives but your concern is that they have the resources to meet their continuing needs. In your comment you say that they are "competent" so there must be positive things that you are noticing about their management in other areas of their life. Focus on those strengths and use those as examples when talking about finances. (The reason for the ElderCare Attorney is so that you can protect your finances and family and to understand what you can do legally) Hope this helps, Linda

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