Mom can't go to an eye appointment because she is on vent in a facility. Can a optometrist update her rx without examining her if I have a copy of her old prescription?

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My mother needs her eyeglasses updated. Would an optometrist update w/o examining her as she is on vent in facility and loves to read. My mother needs to be able to read better. I have a copy of her eyeglass prescription from 2008. I would be willing to take it and see if someone could change it to enable her to see better. The glitch is I can't get my mother for an eye exam because she is on a ventilator at a chronic care facility. This is so frustrating. Just because my mom can't go to an eye appointment, does this mean she has to suffer and not be able to read well? I will glady pay to have someone update her prescription. I know this is "out of the box" but why not? No one will come to the facility to do an eye examination. I want to purchase her new eyeglasses. My gosh my mom doesn't ask for much. She has a great mind and loves to read her weekly magazines. What can I do?

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I don't have an answer, but I can really see (no pun intended) why they just won't automatically update glasses. Eyes change, how do they know how hers has changed, or if at all? There must be somebody on this website that knows something. Hang in there.

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