My mother is in an assisted living facility near my home. Several people have suggested that I make prearrangements for her funeral. I have read pros and cons about this. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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She is to be cremated. I have already prepaid for a nitch for her on the advise of others . I realize that this prepayment avoids paying higher rates later on but I have difficulty coming to terms with making funeral and cremation arrangements as she could live for many years with good care. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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My mom's insurance person talked her into one of those "burial" plans. It was low cost, $40./mo., so she agreed. The problem was she paid for years and accrued very little value in the policy. I had her cash it out...she made a little more than her investment.
You also have to consider if the business will honor it's commitment or what if it changes hands? I am too fond of prepayment plans in general because there are too many variables.
However, if the business has been around a long time and has a good reputation, you may want to consider it. I suppose prices will only go up.
...ooops...that should read, "NOT too fond of prepayment plans....."
Since you know that eventually she will be cremated, investing in a niche sound like a good idea. This kind of answered the question for myself as I've just cashed out one of my mom and dad's life ins policys for medicaid purposes. Still wondering about the pre-paid burial/cremation process, these 2 policies weren't valued at very much, $1,700.00 and $700.00.
I forgot to say that one of my Aunts is a widow with no children. Years ago, she made pre-burial arrangements, made my oldest cousin the POA. I think pre-arrangements are a good idea, less stress later on.
Continue checking this site, the care givers are so insightful and do some research on your on.
Best wishes to you.
yes, I had pre-arrangements for my mother and have done the same for my father and my husband & myself. It is too emotional and exhausting to wait to figure it out at the time death arrives. I strongly say, prepare it in advance --you'll be amazed at how much additional items you will need to think about when the time comes. And if your funeral director is good, they help with everything when the time arrives and you can concentrate on your family and your grief. Linda in FLA.
To add to my original question ----If I decide to do the prepaid route I have no idea what a fair price is----I hear that these funeral
arrangements (cremation etc) go all over the board and that there are some very unscrupulous businesses out there.....Does anyone have a ballpark range of prices that are common?
I don't want to spend all her money on her death. I'd rather use it for the assisted living to help her life (and mine) be easier
Thanks for the previous comments----
I've been considering pre-arrangement for a while, I think it would be good to get it out of the way now, so much less to deal with when the time comes. Mom already owns a family plot so I would just have to arrange the cremation and small ceremony. I think I'll call the funeral home and get more info.
I believe it would be best if you go ahead and make plans for the inevitable. It truly is and knowing her wishes ahead of time as well as making the arrangements when you are not in a state of pain and immediate grieving is almost always best. It may be an upsetting issue fraught with fear and worry and hope and sadness about issues of family and love and mortality but think how much harder it will be when it comes time when it is moments after her death and you are dealing with relatives and the state and nursing home and any number of things that come up when a loved one passes. It is best to do as much as you can before it happens and not leave it till literally...after the last minute when your are thrown into grieving and emotionally fragile....
yes, make arragments, caregiver for mom and dad for 4 years, dad laid down and went to sleep, not expected, tho he was 94, he and mom had pre-arranged their burial, people won,t be burried, until payment is made. this was a blessing for the remaining family, insures me to take care of mine ,now, so my children won,t have to. hugs to you firstgirl
I went down and prearranged my moms. I picked out everything and am making payments on it. I ask my sis and brother if they cared or wanted to help. They said go for it. It was a little wierd but glad it is over. When my dad died we all had to go pick everything out and we were sad and upset. I hated it . Now we don't have to do that for my mom. It is all taken care of and I just keep making payments after she is gone if I have not got it paid for yet. I think that will help alot. Good luck.

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