My mother has COPD, atrial fibrillation, a mass on her kidney and now CHF. I don't want her to suffer. Any insight as to what to expect?

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She is on water pills, oxygen, various breathing treatments. Is not bed ridden but moves about very little. We are her 24/7 caregivers. Will this go on for months or years? I feel like I'm holding my breath. Help.

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My mom has the same conditions and the doctors say we have to take it day by day. I pressed one hospitalist the last time she was hospitalized for the COPD and I asked, "weeks? months? years?" He just said, "Oh definitely more than weeks." Go figure.
Dear jweimann1, thank you for answering. My nephew, after speaking with my moms doctor, said she would pass within a year. I hope she doest suffer but has a peaceful passing. These last 4 years have been so difficult for me. If I can just keep my mind wrapped around the thought that I am right were God wants me to be I feel better, but most of the time I want to panic. It is a daily battle. Hoping you are finding strength during this time in your familys life. God bless
I'd see if she meets hospice criteria...they can help you. How was she 6 months ago, 3 months ago, 3 weeks ago...thats one way to determine a physical decline time line. Once a persons food intake starts to decrease and/or their mobility decreases this can be a significant indicator.
Dear looney, Just wanted to say that my sister and I are dealing with similiar circumstances with our mother. She is such a fighter and has battled through so many ups and downs. We have hired a company that caters to the caregivers caught in between aging parents and thier own lives. A registered nurse comes to see her once a week, coordinates all her medications, arranges any doctor visits to include home visits, coordinates anytime we have had hospital visits and gives us updates. By having her involved in my mom's care we have been able to be daughters again and talk about fun things instead of all the health issues. The nurse comes from the hospice world so she has assured us that she can help make Mom's days comfortable and positive for all of us. Maybe you could find something like this in your area.

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