My mother goes to the casino, spends money and lies about it. It's not the money, she has nothing that's important and she borrows. How can I control this?

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The only thing I suggest you do is don't enable her behavior. I don't know how deep her gambling addiction is, but the symptoms are all there. Also, she's in denial. Otherwise would admit she the problem and take personal responsibility for it.

In the meantime, don't lend or give her any money. She'll try to manipulate you and make you feel guilty, but don't give in no matter how believable the lies are. In time she'll hit bottom. Just pray she doesn't start digging a hole to China.

Good night (rather, good morning).

-- ED
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I take my mother-in-law to the casino at least once a month. I hate losing money, but the buffet is the best! Anyway, I give her $20 to blow and she's perfectly happy to do just that. She and her husband used to go to Las Vegas together, so it's making her happy to do something that they used to do together. When she dies, I'm done going though. You don't say who your mother borrows money from, stop that flow and the game's over. (pun intended) Or she goes on a budget for any gambling money.
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