My mother was diagnossed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer one month ago. Her belly is huge, her feet swollen and blue. What can I expect from here?

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My mother, too, was just dx with stage 4 pancreatic cancer a month ago. She barely eats & has lost 50 lbs & all her muscle tone. She has multiple problems & at times just cries & it's hard to watch this happening to her. You need to be sure your mom is eating as much green veggies & fruit as possible & is hydrated. lots of protein. Chemo makes them become forgetful. You need to be sure someone is keeping notes from dr's visits as she may not recall things told to her. As hard as it may be to do, keep a journal of her progress & an eye out for anything that seems unusual. Laughter is the best medicine right now. Sleeping all the time can be a sign of depression & meds can be prescribed for that.

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