My mom has sundowner syndrome. How can I keep her safe at night when she roams around while we are sleeping?

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you know my mom was at my brothers - walking around at night looking for her boys- all kids are grown up- she always wanted to die there- bu she at 79 said she wanted to live with me - so she now is. The first day she started to cry and get sad thoughts- I put americas funniest videos and replayed it and replayed it for about a week - we would also watch her favorite show - law and order - now she sleeps through the night and does not get sad when the sun goes down- we also play her music from her era- especially Elvis-I make sure that i sit with her and give her lots of hugs and kisses-if we cross paths at night i make sure she sees a big smile .she loves babies and vso my son rings his baby over almost everyday-fortunately he lives around thecorner. she used to sleep till 4 or 5 pm now she gets up at 9 am all by herself - i hope this helps!
My mom is in a NH. There are alarms that you can clip on to her clothing and the bed that will alert you when she gets up. You might also ask her doctor for meds to help her sleep through the night.

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