My mom can't be by herself anymore. Can I get paid for taking care of her instead of putting her into a nursing home?

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From speaking to an elder attorney in my state...Pennsylvania there needs to be an agreement signed between you and your Mom as to how much she is wiling to pay you. If her paying you is not and option then I would check with the Area Office on Aging. In my state they will not pay a family member to care for their loved one, but in certain cases they will pay for a stranger to come in. If you do decide to become you Mom's caregiver realize it is a 24/7 job and you don't have much life outside the situation. Just be sure you are doing this for all the right reasons. It is a big decision and not one to take litely.
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I would look into this first. Plus ask yourself some questions.

1. Why are you picking this option?

2. Do you have a family of your own at home?

3. Can you make ends meet financially in making this choice?

4. Will you be able to find time for taking care of you because 24/7 wears anyone down fast?

5. Why is the nursing home or assisted living out of the question?

6. Will any other important relationships in your life be possibly strained by this choice?
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Hi, I would think the answer would be yes, but you'd be better off to consult an elder attorney. ((((((HUGS)))))) & Good Luck!

Take care,

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