My father's caregiver is stealing money from his wallet. She is hired through an agency. What should we do?

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If you know for sure that it's her that's stealing his money, and NOT your dad taking his money and hiding it, then rat her out. The agency needs to know who they're hiring. (But make sure it's iron clad before accusing someone of stealing.)
Do you have proof? Can you mark the bills? Nanny cam? Best wishes. If so, this is criminal.
Make sure she doesn't use the "your dad gave me permission " excuse, let the agency know that this is going on, and contact the local authorities. unfortunately this does happen a lot, protect your dad"s money by putting it in a personal safe or lockbox, that only you and your dad can access
My mom stated a few weeks back that she had 700 dollars missing and accused a caregiver, but then again I had no proof. It could have been she was just mistaken and misplaced it. I did mention it to the caregiver and her supervisor and the owner of the company just so the topic was out there but never persued it. I have since locked up any monies and she has some in her purse. So perhaps you can do the same and just know how much he had in his wallet.
You need to make sure he has no money available when she is there and I would say something to her not acussing but that he keeps losing his money so if she is taking it it will be a warning or put fake money in his wallet or a check and write for deposit only on the back so she can not cash or tell the agency to send another aide because when she is there he loses his money and tell the agency you are setting up a sting to give her warning if she is not taking the money she will have no problem or put up camers like they do in school buses most of them are not turned on but the students do not know which ones are or maybe have a neighbor drop in at different times of her shift.
austin...had a pic of fake geriatric my head monopoly to speak..hmmmm new product venture? Sorry had to have a little LOL on the fake money part..but a good/great idea!
You tell the agency nothing, you set up your own nannycam, sit back and watch. When you have proof, you present the agency with the footage. This way both the caregiver and the agency are responsible.

You then cal channel's 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, CNN, FOX NEWS, Good Morning America, Toady, Wendy Williams (who can't hold water) and Michael Moore and give them all the footage, this way the entire world will know that this person is a thief that came from ...particular agency. The agency will be put on point and take better precautions at their hiring process.

Too many times over and over these care givers get fired from one agency only to show up at another without the world knowing what they've done, and without any justice.

I call it Just Cause.
Pamela, you are wise in this position. I agree. It needs to be exposed.

Naheaton and Eddie said everything I was going to. In today's highly litigious society, what you say isn't as important as what you can prove. So have your ammo ready, but check with us before going to war. Inquiring minds want to know ....

-- ED

One of my dads caregivers was adding excessive hours to her pay and getting my dad to sign the checks. My brother had POA but I had to report it to the sheriffs dept. because he did not want to do anything about it. The lady had a record in alot of different states,all for stealing. The home health nurse recommended her and my brother who is a DA appoved her. They arrested her as fast as I made the report,because she was on probation.She did avery little time, got out on probation, her probation officer got her a job at another retirement home, where she took advantage of more old people. Pamela's right get the proof,the agency may not care any more than my brother who's part of the system. I do not know where she is now,but I would not be surprised if she is still siting with the elderly or at some school or daycare.We went through alot of theives,but that was the only recommened one.NEVER KEEP CASH AROUND THE HELP, OR CHECK BOOKS.

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