lindagina21 Asked September 2010

My father was put in to rehabilitation by hospital So. Worker against his wishes. She also ask me & uncle we both said no. What can we do ?


There are other complaints about same time and place. After he was sent there he has gotten worse. Bed sores and other injuries. To this day have not talked too a Dr.

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lindagina21 Sep 2010
Hi, Thank you, to all of you. After So.worker told/ ?ed about going to assisted living. After telling her no she then called me because of medical power Att. Told me he said no asked me if I have help at home? When I said just me and my daughter, But if needed a nephew or male friend would help me im sure. At the time didn't or wasn't think about big picture cuz he always got better. After talking to her and her saying he's not the father that was before he came to hospital. Told her I don't care if he was or not that I wouldn't go ageist his wishes. While getting ready to make 60 mile trip to talk to my father. My uncle call's tells me she called about something and said couldn't get a hold of anyone else and needs his ok. To move him across street for rehub. didn't say anything assisted living center. He told her that he wanted to talk to me first. That was only & last time anyone called him about his brother my father. He called me soon as got off phone. I was so upset with what she had done. Start asking a lot of ?'s not only that make statement and told everyone/anyone I talked to. You no what he was in that hospital for three weeks after never having anyone call me or tell me what was wrong with him. He got bed soars and swelling no one could give me answer leaving # with person that had his chart. Got lot of my help for getting everything I'd need offline even what medicare would help with. Asked Worker she said get back to me that was second week. Third week was when A male nurse from out of town took care of dad. He was there one time 1st week. So he had talked to me before asked me if I had any ?'s be first week didn't have to many but told him hadn't seen or talk to Dr. he took # down. Third week as soon as I walked in room he ask me about swelling in arms. Told him it was arms & legs about 3day ago. Had asked everyone they said water cuss of dialysis. He ?ed that right away. When Told him still nerve talk to A Dr. (he had bout 6) he took down All # stuck it in pocket said as soon as I see a Dr. promise to have them call. not only did he keep his word he dialed # got me then handed phone to Dr. Dr. was asking who it was. So I don't thing he told him he was calling me. more drama after that.
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lach61 Sep 2010
You have to be proactive. There's no two (2) ways about it.

ex. When my son was in the hospital (he was born premature),
the resident doctor wanted to do some type of surgery (this was at least 20 years ago, so the type of surg. escapes me)--but he had some other surgery (I think it was eustacian tubes put in the ears, but don't quote me on it) not even 2 months before this. So I called for a care conference, headed by my son's nurse. I had been researching the new medicine that they put him on and it recommended no surgery if 2 months or before. I brought the book with me to the care conference, read from it--his doctor wanted to see it. Agreed with the medical books author (also an MD). The surgery didn't get done and they had to find another way to take care of it. ...and I don't even have a Nursing or Doctor's degree. I just researched. ...and I encourage you to do the same thing.
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AngelHouse1 Sep 2010
Sadly, like so much else in senior care, profit motivation may be behind this. Rehab costs a LOT, but does not always Do much for the senior. Especially if they're uncooperative, it can be a massive waste of resources.
That said, if he was declining, a good rehab, with someone in the area to be the "squeaky wheel" can make seniors stronger so that when they go home, they're less likely to be put back in the hospital soon or to suffer a fall or other injury or decline.
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195Austin Sep 2010
You may have to be proactive here does he live with you if he did not go to rehab where would he have gone would be home alone or does he live with you could he get services through home care a avisiting nurse service why are you not talking to a doctor this social workers may be out of bounds I had to deal with a social worker in a hospital once and I had to ask her to leave the room-she made me so angery do you have a lawyer who could help if he does not want rehab and the family does not want it and he has a safe place to go to with the care he needs that should be what is being done maybe it was a matter he was ready to leave the hospital and nothing else was set up for him these days hospital stays are very short due to insurance issues,
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