My father is engaged to a woman who has tried to give him an ultimatum to choose between her or our family. We recently found out that she scammed other men. Can any legal action be taken against this woman?

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She moved in after a month of knowing him and it gets worse. Her recent statement to him was 'Your family doesn't like me its either me or your family'. She is trying to fully control him. When I tried to talk to him about her he said to me you just don't want me to enjoy my life what are you after my inheritance. That DOES NOT sound like my father. She does not let the man go anywhere without her. We are not aloud to have alone time with him. He just bought her an engagement ring. She told him they need to get engaged because her friends (mind you she is 60 years old) said that they needed too because they were living together (yet she moved in after 1 month). She has my dad convinced they have been dating longer then they have been. We recently found out that she scammed other men. Can any legal action be taken against this woman?

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This does sound like a scam. I'd see an elder law attorney to see what action you can take.
Your father will fight you. When elders are truly in love and there are no dementia issues (and no pressure, and no history like you describe), I do believe they have a right to love.
This does not sound like an innocent love affair, however. Please do get help. It could get ugly, but you want to try to protect your dad. If she has a paper trail of defrauding elderly men, it will be much easier.
Again, I'd say an attorney is necessary. Unless your dad has been declared incompetent, he can do as he wishes, but if a third party can show him where this woman is taking advantage of him, you may have some hope.
Take care and good luck,
The key is in your sentence "We recently found out that she scammed other men." Get clean, unbiased, straightforward information to "out" her behavior. If it was "merely" unethical your Dad can still find ways to excuse it, of course, but it may give him pause. If it was illegal then sic the state on her. An attorney can advise you about which is which. Be very careful to do these things, so that you have credibility with the law, as much credibility as possible with your dad.... and so you don't end up on the receiving end of a libel suit yourself!: (1) do not exaggerate ANYTHING, be scrupulously accurate. (2) do not make any arguments or draw any conclusions, just find out facts. (3) do not frame anything as "against" her. Take every opportunity to underscore your desire for your dad to be happy. Take the stance, you don't have to choose, you can always have us in your life, we want you to be happy. Good luck
If your Dad thinks they have been dating longer than they actually have been, it sounds like he has some sort of memory challenge. I agree with the expert, get an attorney or perhaps consider filing a complaint with the police. Many states have statutes protecting vulnerable people from those who would prey upon them. Do you know of any other men who might have been taken advantage of by this woman. Please don't just assume the worst until you have "PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE" (you or someone other than the 2 can testify. Don't procrastinate. Wishing the rightful best for your father,
All of the above answers are wonderful! I would just add one thing.............AFTER you gather the necessary information, call Adult Protective services. Because of the many scams perpetrated against our elders, they are becoming increasingly interested in providing some protection and if they can't provide immediate help, will point you in the right direction.
One other option, if you're truly concerned: hire a private investigator. They have the ability to dig up information quickly and quietly.
Best wishes.

That's a hot one! If you know who else she has scammed, you can let them know where she is and let them take legal action against her for their financial losses. I warn you that if you try to tell your Dad that this woman is not the angel he thinks she is, you'll just create problems between yourself and your Dad. Taking legal action against her may have the same effect. Choose your next action carefully, for you are at risk from the Law of Unintended Consequences.
Good Luck. God Bless You.
Does anyone have your father's POA? If so, you can check bank records and his credit report. If anything seems unusual, document it and give it to protection services. You can also put a temporary fraud alert on his credit report so no one can take out a loan or credit card.
I understand that an elderly person can become lonely and vulnerable, but what your Dad has fallen into is not love. This person needs to be extricated from his life sooner than later. If they marry, I am afraid that you will not be able to protect him. I would take the chance of angering my father rather than just look the other way and hope everything turns out alright. good luck...Lilli
Can you maybe hire an investigator, to research her? Not that your dad would listen to you at that point, even if you could get the goods on her, he's not going to listen! It might however help you to know what you are dealing with!

Let me tell you a story about my favorite uncle! He had no children & met up with this woman that liked to brag about outliving 5 other husbands. She was a retired RN. No one had heard of her before, anyway, I was his favorite niece, I was his flower girl at age 3, when he married his first wife! I have 2 brothers & 2 sisters & he adored all of us including my parents. My sister was his executor & in his will he had left his entire estate to us. He had left his home to my parents. Anyway, he met this gal, named Eileen & she changed him. Before he met her I talked to him every day. Once he met her, none of my family heard from him, I would call him, only got her & she would say he was sleeping, at work or not at home. To make a long story short, my mom got a call that he was dying, by the time she & her siblings got there, he had been dead for 2 hours. The funeral, she had no seats set up for the family & he was close to his family! His will had been changed & we had no way to ofject to any of it. My mom inquired about having an autopsy due to his sudden & rare death, the death certificate said he had died from a rare brain tumor only heriditary, only none of the family had ever had such. They were never able to get the autopsy done! My uncles entire estate, including the money he got from his parents estate, my grandparents, went to Eileen! I talked to a doctor I know & he told me a rat poison could have caused a brain tumor like that! I am telling you this story, because I wish you could stop anything from happening to your dad, she may be harmless just controling, but find out all you can while you can. Eileen didn't live very long after my uncle, but the whole family thought she had poisoned him. I can't tell you how I've missed my uncle over the years, I adored him! He was my mom's youngest brother & it has hurt her tremendously over the years. He lived with my parents while he went to college. He was a very intelligent man & you'd think he would have been smarter than that, however it has nothing to do with smarts. If this woman is evil, they are very clever, if this is what she is up to. I am not trying to scare you, just want to protect your dad. He's not going to listen to you, but if you can find out all you can, maybe talking to her when you get your information would help, but he may disown all of his family, that's what my uncle did & I know if he was in his right mind, he never would have done that! It only took Eileen a few days to change my uncle, so she was giving him something, as fast as he changed! Maybe talk with a legal advisor? I don't know but my heart goes out to you & your family! There are such evil people out there!
Attorney! Do you think your father is displaying some type of dementia?? I am sure he is lonely, but why would he give his children up for this woman he hardly knows???? Sounds fishy as heck....I am hoping for you to find someone to help you! But start immediately!
We believe he does have some slight dementia, but I heard for the doctors to determine for sure it is a long process.
not a long process they do some testing... I would also encourage you to get an elder law attorney.... It would seem that she does not have your Father's best interest at heart. That would be a big RED flag. My Father in law married after my Mother in law died and his second wife was wonderful to our children and she cared deeply for Dad. She passed away before their 10th anniversary. take care and stand firm for your Dad...

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