My father is not walking enough and his legs are starting to swell. How can I help him if he is starting to not be able to walk?

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if his legs are swelling up that bad, then walking needs to be done in short spirts. his legs should be elevated every time he is sitting or laying down with short walks every now and again. if he will allow you, perhaps helping him with leg exercises?
Mom's legs swell occasionally. Limiting salt intake helps....lasix works if it goes on too many days. (if your father is given lasix ask your doctor for a potassium supplement to go along with it...the lasix depletes potassium) And as strange as it sounds, more water intake is helps flush out the excess fluids.
I prefer natural remedies...there are all kinds of foods that act as diuretics...Mom drinks dandelion tea.
As KellyB mentioned sitting with legs elevated is good...does your father have a lounge chair that reclines?
Mom's doc gave her and Rx for orthopedic socks...she hasn't tried them don't know if this works.
take care..lilli

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