My father has enough money to survive, but he is not spending it wisely. It will be gone soon. What can I do?

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No much, if he hasn't given you any authority. You could suggest, in a non-judgmental way, that he see a financial expert. You might say that you are planning on seeing someone to help you plan for the future, and talk about it like that. Get some references. Then see if he takes the bait. In the end, it's his money and he controls it. Good luck.
My husband had POA for his father and did not know that it had been set up. When we talked to his Doctor and the family attorney about his questionable decision making and financial 'mistakes' it was easy to implement the POA that had been there all along. With a POA you need to find a way to work together with your Dad as it gives you power to act on his behalf - but he also retains the right to act on his own behalf. You need to have him declared incompetent to totally take over control and remove him from any decision making responsibilities. I would start where we did - with a conversation with his doctor and his attorney. Good luck.

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