My Mother-in-law lives with us & she has Alzheimer's. Sometimes it gets to be too much. How do I deal with this?

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Have patience, take a deep breath, try to remember the person she was before the disease...and take a break sometimes. Get away from the situtation and re-group, even if its only for a few hours. You're not alone! You've asked a question that lots of caregivers ask. We have some articles on the website that might help:
My wife is in the same boat as she helps me with my mom and dad. They both suffer with ALZ and vascular dementia. Everyday is a new situation and a hurdle to overcome . My best advice is to vent your fustrations out as much as possible. Find support groups in your area that will sit and listen without judgement . Always try to find time for yourself every day if you don't you will go insane. It's a very difficult job and it only gets harder so please find a friend or family member that can help with daily tasks. We are all here to support you and stand by your side on good days and bad.

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