My Mom has been living at home, but now we are moving her to assisted living for her well being. She is mad. How should we handle this?

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Have you been taking care of her a long time? at her house? It seems like transicioning (probably spelled wrong) to a facility is always hard at first. But if you have studied and checked into different places and find this one to be the best than feel good about making the right decision.

She will love Assisted Living. And so will you.
You're just gonna have to get used to her being mad for awhile. Can't be helped, especially if she's lived in the same house for decades. I'd make sure you came and ate lunch with her that first day if you can. Introduce yourself to her table mates & make small talk. Break the ice, take a tour of the place with her and talk to as many people as possible. It'll be fine eventually.

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