My Dad (83) has never had a prostate exam or PSA test. His Primary care Dr. said he doesn't need this as he's in his 80's. Is this true?

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Generally, when men are in their eighties, prostate cancer can be an issue, but the current medical thinking is that since prostate cancer is generally slow growing, at that age, something else will kill them first.
If you are concerned because of symptoms, I'd try to get his doctor to check things out. I'm not saying you'll get cooperation, but it doesn't hurt to try. I am surprised he's never had a PSA test, but they may not do that as his age.
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I agree with Carol.
Look at it this way:
If your dad made it all the way into his 80's without going through what makes many men hugely uncomfortable... why spoil a perfect record? (if no symptoms)
My mom died at 89 without EVER having a mammogram.
She said she didn't think it was a good idea to have her
'T** in a wringer'.

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