Mother-in-law thinks someone is coming in the house and taking her things. What can I do about this?

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For now it's that thieving "someone." But get ready: loved ones are often accused of stealing because the person with dementia can’t remember where they put real and imaginary things.

I suggest you place a large trunk in her bedroom where she can store her valuables (memorabilia, etc.). Otherwise she'll be running around the house like a chicken without a head and driving everyone bonkers.

Good luck my friend.

-- ED
I completely agree with ED. I do like the idea of a 'treasure trunk' as this may help with some of her items. Depending on whether MIL lives with you or not, will have more bearing on how or what is missing in the future.

Be understanding, be aware, but be prepared.
Thanks for the good wishes. Yes she lives with us and has accused us of taking things that she has put away. We have a split bedroom plan and she has three bedrooms so lots of room for hiding stuff. Latest thing is she is paranoid about someone coming in at night and wants us to sleep with her. Last night she want my husband and I to both sleep with her in a double bed. When we wouldn't she woke us up at midnight and still wanted someone to sleep with her. We have a monitor so we can hear her is she really needs anything.

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