My Mother-in-law needs assistance, is there an organization or program that can help her?


My name is Gary L Protenic, a local pastor in Riverside, Mo. My Father-in-law passed away on June 1st of this year. My mother-in-law is now facing a major financial dilemma. Her furnace has gone out and it is estimated that it will take about $10,000.00 to replace. The reason it is so high is because it is very old and the duct work has asbestos that needs to be removed. She is 84 years old on a fixed income and really can't afford this kind of money. I don't know if you are the one to ask, or if I am even in the right place, but I am trying to find some assistance to help her in this crisis. She lives in the Kansas City, Mo. city limits. Is there a program with the city that can help her? If not, do you know of an organization that can assist her?

Thanks, Gary

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Each state is different, but I would try first going to your state's Web site and finding aging services. You should find a contact, hopefully a phone number. Then ask about some help for your mother. There are govenment programs to help seniors with home repairs but most are locally run. Also, this is a huge bill and they may not go for it, but why not try?

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My wife and I are in the same situation that many other people have with regards to helping elderly parents.
My father lives in a 32' trailer without a heater (only has a space heater) and lives in a small section of the trailer that he can keep warm. He's 66 years old and in reasonable health but has fallen into depression because of his situation which makes him less motivated to get himself out of it. His sister had to take care of their aging father years ago (who has since passed) and it just about ruined them financially and mentally so neither of us want to have that happen again with my father. He lives on a fixed income of SS and pension. He racked up a huge debt and can't even afford to file for bankruptcy. My wife and I have given some money here and there but don't want to continue to tap into savings and have our future be affected. It's very obvious that he wants to keep his independence. However I feel that if we don't step in soon as a family to help steer him we'll have no choice to put him in some foster home.

Any help, tips or guidance is much appreciated.
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Bropro, You didn't say whether your in-laws have their house paid for or not. My parents took out a reverse mortgage a few years ago since their house was paid for, and have been living on that since then. All they have is social security and are living at what they call the 'poverty level' but are doing okay with the reverse mortgage money. Of course once that's gone, then us kids will step in and help. But till then it's been a good thing, at least for them.
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