What can I do to monitor the use of a hired caregivers credit or debit card on behalf of the elder?


We want to be able to monitor and approve purchases by the live-in caretaker on behalf of the elderly patient.

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I doubt it. If anyone knows of such a thing, please let us know. If the caregiver has the information needed to use the cards, I doubt that a limit exists. Could a separate card be secured? You can get prepaid credit cards, with just so much money on them. That's what I'd do in this case. Good luck,
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jansage, I am a hairdresser and I witnessed an aid for an elderly man with dementia she was using his card for her beneifit. I cut his hair and she'd take off and let him sit and wait while I watched him until she returned then she'd get a service for herself and put it all on his charge card and I was out the tip besides. I never met the family members or I would have said something to them about my observations of this. I don't know your situation, but who has POA? The aid should get paid not have control of any finances. POA is responsable for any income or asset transactions. Records should be kept and clear. You should fill out your profile so we can get a better picture of your situation.
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My bank card allows me to view most purchases instantly online.But not all do. Amex is not instant.

I like the VISA or MC gift card you can purcahse at the bank. You can limit the total amount of each card (say to 100 or 500 or whatever the weekly or monthly expense would be). The cards could be given out in intervals (once per month, once per week). Put a receipt box and a log for the caregiver to record all expenses and keep a running balance. it takes only moments to do this and should be done after every outing or expenditure.

I assume the caregiver keeps a written log of the daily care they provide?
meals, bath, meds, poos, etc . . . If not they should, and this can go next to that. -

If it makes you more comfortable tell the caregiver that this is a REQUIREMENT so that you can will have records for audit by mean old family members or Medicade or whatever and insist they comply as terms of employment. Then make sure they know you check this log on a regular basis and 'sign off' on it.

Having such a system will deter most folks, and limit the resources available to the unscrupulous.
Limiting the amount
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