Mom with progressive MS, has retirement that is dwindling. Afraid of loosing home and way of life, no one to help out. What should we do?

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This is sad. What will likely happen is that she will continue to need more and more care. As her money dwindles, she can go on Medicaid and she will likely need care in a nursing home. First, her own money will need to be used for her care.

For local resources, go to your state's Web site and type in "aging" - links will help you find some support and how to apply to Medicaid when it's time, or at least lead you to a local person to talk to.

Good luck,
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NOW is the time to speak to a professional about public benefit planning. From my perspective, the absolute WORSE thing you can do is continue to spend your mother's money down without understanding the alternatives.

The fact is, there are tools and techniques, perfectly legal and viable, that will allow your mother to, in essence, "set aside" funds for her own health, maintenance, and welfare and still be eligible for Medicaid benefits.

If you wait, and spend down her assets, you will be hard pressed to find the additional funds to pay for the things that public benefit programs do not pay for or do not provide for adequately.
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Thanks Carol,,I appreciate all the feed back, I feel a little less alone. I just want the best my mom so deserves.
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