Help! My mother has Alzheimer’s and is out of control. What, if anything, can I do?


My Mother has been taken care of by my daughter for over a year. She has become increasingly agitated. Gets into things, bangs on windows, stays up all night, screams, urinates on furniture and defecates on floor. She is on medication but nothing seems to help. What, if anything, can I do?

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Am going through this too. Not the fesces yet but the urine and am battling to get her to wear the depends and pads and to let me help her bathe. She also stays up all night searching the house and yelling at invisible people to leave. We're told this is sundowner syndrome and they do have her on medicine for it but she still has bad nights.
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If you do find an answer, please share it. Mine isn't that bad yet. My sister left me a note about mom's meds cuz I order them. Well, mom saw it, decided I was a drug addict and staged an intervention! It was unbelievable and we could not change her mind! The other day I took her out to 4 or 5 different places. In 3 of them she felt the need to holler "You think it's candy, but it's snot!". I don't know what's next and I think it's probably better that way. XX Karen
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I UNDERSTAND!!!!! My mom is so out of control also. The woman hardly ever sleeps maybe a total of 3-4 hours/ night collectively. And uses the house as a public toilet!!!!! She has destoryed the hardwood floors in her room due to the urine and me using harsh products to get rid of the smell that has soaked into the wood. She has "done" her business in almost everyroom of the house!! And when I would catch her she would laugh and think it was funny.
However, let me offer you a little help. I came to this site with some of the same concerns. I got good suggestions. The best one that was a life saver. ONE-PIECE PJ'S/JUMPSUITS that button or zipper in back!!! I had a sewing machine so I bought fabric and sewed her up a several for day and night. I was told that you can buy them online. But I like to sew and that was a project for mom to help me with(more so just watch). NOW, I CONTROL THE BATHROOM BREAKS!! I have to take her more frequently and asked her more. Only 1X in the last 2 months have I had to deal with feces or urine anywhere but in her diaper/pullup and the toilet. I didn't realize just how much stress relief I got from that one thing.
You said she gets into things? Mom did the same. I have "proofed" the house with all kinds of baby gadgets. I have given mom boundries with baby gates, put chain locks up high on every interior door including closets. Cleaned out everything in her bedroom that would cause her to fiddle at night. She only has a small tv, small radio, lamp and small nightstand with NO drawers to open, I put everything in her closet with organizers, plastic totes etc.. I know it might be mean but limits work for us here. She protested at first, but being consistent with locking the same doors and gating things she has gotten used to it!!!
I have tried to justify the behavior with other causes. But when it comes down to it its just the dementia. Medication doesn't really seem to help my mother either. I figured its all trial and learn. I hope I helped a little. You will get great suggestions from others. GOOD LUCK!!
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