Mom's eyesight is making it difficult for her to write checks. Are there any companies that provide "oversized" checks?

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My mother-in-law cannot see up close anymore due to macular degeneration. I do all her banking now, mostly online which is easier. But with this election, she was sent a huge ballot. It was the size of a newspaper, but the print was huge. She still couldn't see it enough, so we voted together and I filled it in for her.
I think it might be better to use a debit/credit card for all bills and purchases. She can call in and pay on a big button phone. I make sure my mom's bankers know when I cannot be there. My mom uses those little magnifying glasses for everything. Always says her latest prescription eyeglasses don't work. I help in filling out forms when I can, and make sure to check off large type box, but they still never seem to send her bills in large type. Good luck & God bless!
Having power of attorney to do my Mom's writing of checks and other business has been a comfort to her and me for a couple of years. She doesn't have to 'work' and worry so much. I don't take her independence away and discuss with her what is going on; but now she has lost sight and hearing so having the POA is a blessing. Get all these papers done with an attorney and not a Office Depot.
im betting your own bank has oversized checks available but automatic billpay has been a wonder for my mom. if her vision really becomes an impairment there are vision - aid machines being produced nowdays. they look like overhead projectors but will make newsprint 2-3 inches tall. they used to be rather expensive but as more companys are building them the price is coming down. one such model is called " alladdin ". most stores that sell them have nice used models available for 7 - 9 hundred bucks. they really are life changing for someone who likes to read.
I think oversized checks is a wonderful idea.

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