My mom doesn’t believe that I am her daughter; do I lie to her when she asks who I am?

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I'd say "yep mom I'm the one that gave you all those stretch marks. Sorry'. and then I'd laugh.
I suppose it kind of depends on how she'll take your answer. I'd go for the funny answer and if it makes her laugh, you've diverted the issue completely. If it upsets her more then you'll know not to do it again and to try something else.
My MIL says my husband is not her son. He tried showing her his drivers licence. It has his name and birth date, etc. Sometimes it works, other times, we just try to distract her to something else. Other times she gets real mad,that we are lying to her and "did something" to him. I wouldn't say it was lying- to say "I'm here to help you" or "I'm here to visit"
She just thinks I'm a nurse. Not her DiL.Which, I think helps, cuz she feels like she has to listen to me,when she's asked to do something she doesn't want to do. Like go to the table for dinner or the restroom. GOOD LUCK!
I would tell her you are her daughter that has loved her ever since she gave birth to you and you still love her and in God that He knows YOUR heart and will make everything alright for your mom. Just keep showing love and patience to your mom.
And may God bless you.
To lie or not to lie.. that is the question...
whether tis nobler in your mind to suffer
what they will believe or the arrows of outrageous beliefs
Or to take arms against opposition,
and by opposing END their fears?

I never considered it lying to my mother when she was unsure WHO I was. After all she just wanted to be assured that the person that was caring for her was a FRIEND... someone she could trust. And all I wanted was for her to have a HAPPY day.
She likely has a condition known as Capgras Syndrome. It is a typical symptom of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, and also may be a symptom of other forms of dementia as well. With DLB, it seems to come and maybe a month or two later, it's gone. With Capgras, the person may think there are one or more clones of a person, and the present one is an imposter. Often, the person can leave the room, saying, "oh, she's downstairs, in the kitchen, etc., I'll go get her". After leaving the room, she returns saying, "I needed to 'get a drink of water' " or something, "but I'm back with my darling mother..."

BTW, this sort of ruse is not a lie. It is more of a necessary fib as the person is unable to fully process the reality that is going on around her.
Just found this thread. This is happening to my mom. It is breaking my heart!
Today she asked me who hired me to pretend to be her daughter. She lives with me. Very hard. She asked dor a Tylenol and 1 minute later she was leaning up against the door so I could not get in.
Told me earlier to get out of the house. It's MY house.
What do I do. They just started her on seroquel about a week ago. Is it the meds? I've put my life on hold and taken care of her babies her for 8 years we are she is turning on me. I can't take it. Any answers
Never heard of this. Capgras
Babied her...... I need to proof read

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