Mom did not qualify for Nursing Home, so DHS says she qulaifies for home assistance if she moves in my home.

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My mother has been is assisted living for 6 plus years, her health has been declining she is 85. Mom spent 10 weeks in nursing home rehab following the last hospital visit. Dischared back to Assisted Living from the Nursing home. Now Mom's funds are about to be depleted and the only option I have is moving mom into my home. My home is not setup for an elder, no walking shower or ramps or bars in bathroom. This is not a good idea but this is what medicaid has approved as of today. Mom is a fall risk and accident just waiting to happen. Any suggestions .. I meet with Mediciad on Jan 4th to completed assistance application. In Tennessee...

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You are in a difficult bridge period and my heart goes out to you. States differ in how they go about allowing people to qualify for Medicaid. You may have no choice but to accept in-home assistance while you await a better solution. When you have your meeting, ask about assistance in paying for some home upgrades. It's not likely, but there may be some help. Lay it all on the line about the issues and how badly your mom needs to be approved for a nursing home. Best wishes,

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