I'm thinking of increasing my mothers rent to live with me to $900 to include compensation for providing care. Is this allowed if Medicare looks at her expenses?

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I've considered increasing her "rent" to $900 to also compensate me for getting up at night to toilet her, wash her clothes, give her meds. taking my sick days to take her to doctor,etc. Would this be allowed if medicare looked back at her expenses?

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Dee2 - when I was setting rent for my mother, the advice I was given was that it couldn't be more than a certain percentage of the mortgage, taxes, and utilities. Because there are 3 adults in our house, it couldn't be more than 33%. We received the advice from both our county social worker and someone in the local social security office. You might be able to charge her more for the other help, but I think that has to be listed as home help and can't go under rent. Hope this helps!
Thanks. We had our home paid off and sold it to buy a one level ranch so she could move in. The mortgage is 1500 and utilities are about 400 (higher because I have to heat and cool for her during the day) I included the cost of her phone and cable tv services which I pay as well.
Sounds like I would need a second check to me for home aid, giving her meds, etc.

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