Does Medicare help with full-time in-home care for the elderly?

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Unfortunately, Medicare doesn't pay for anything like that. Unless, the person would need Hospice or a type of therapy:occupational, speech etc...(but that is limited time frame) If the elderly person you are asking about has a small income, then they will qualify for MEDICAID(welfare) and they will pay for it. Which in my eyes stinks!! My mother is a few hundred $ dollars a month shy of qualifiing for help. By the time my mom pays for all her high price meds, dr co-pays, insurance prem. bills etc. She is lucky to have pocket change left. However, She can't get no help!! If I was to place her in a home she doesn't make enough each month to cover that. I will have to come up with the difference!!
I feel that medicare should help pay for some home care. If the elderly person is ill (mentally or physically) there should be some kind of coverage, even though the person doesn't qualify for Medicaid!!! The government needs to stand up and take care of the elderly.

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