My sister has power of attorney for my father and doesn't allow a sibling to speak to their father. What are the legal rights over her as POA?

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Does she refuse the phone or a visit? Can you be more specific?
Doesn't allow me to speak to him over the phone
What reason does she give you? Does she live with him? How long has this been going on? What is your father's condition?
He is elderly and this has been going on for more than 2 years. She and another sibling do not allowed me to speak to him because they say he gets too emotional when he speaks to me.
He has demensia but I don't know how serve I have no access to that information.
When I try to contact him the Director of the Asisstant Living Home says I cannot speak to him because she has the power of attorney and she makes the decision. Beside this she and another sibling have enacted in his financial matters and I have never been notified. I was informed by outsiders that his home was sold and they control all his assets.
You haven't talked to your father who has dementia for 2 years because you sisters say it gets him too emotional. Do you accept that as the real reason? Is something else going on here?

It have have been necessary to sell your father's house to pay for his care. Prepaying a funeral is often part of the preparation for being eligible for aid, and sketching out a basic plan can go along with that. So it may well be that your sisters are acting responsibly.

The question, though, is why are they leaving you out of all discussions? Yes, the POA can make decisions, but why the secrecy?

Has there been a falling out among you sisters? An estrangement? Are they made about something, or do they think they have reason to suspect you won't cooperate?
good questions Jeanne.....I'd like to know why they are doing that too.

My moms kids/grandkids (except my daughter and family) doen't even want to come visit, send a card or even ask about her. I can't believe they are so cold. Being emotional doesn't sound like a good reason.....Maybe it is a greedy money issue? I'd see an elder attorney
Do you mean to tell me if someone has the POA for a parent they can keep a child from visiting a parent in an Assisted Living facility? Does it need to be a Medical POA. That just doesn't seem right to me. Any time someone tries to keep secrets, there is probably money issues at the root of it.

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