Last night my mother decided to take apart her Depends and put the very soaked remains all over the place in her room, I need ideas please!

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Sadly, this isn't unusual. I've also seen elders with dementia digging feces out of their pads. It's gross, but they don't have a clue. First, of course, you need to remember that, as frustrating as this is.

She may be doing this because she's bored, anxious, or just curious. Picking apart tissues and other items is common, so maybe if you kept a tissue box or a bunch of tissues near her or in her lap, she may tear those instead. It's something many people deal with, and you may want to check with the doctor for ideas, but frankly, you may have to cope the best you can until she moves into another phase.

I did find out that my mom had a severe UTI, which put her in the hospital for three days. The doctors and nurses told me that the incredible output that she had, as well as the increased confusion, were mostly due to her very high white blood cell count and dehydration she experienced from all the urinating. Thankfully she's doing better now and has been transferred to a memory care unit in a nursing home.

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