What is the best way to keep everyone comfortable in my house?

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What is the best and safest way to keep mom warm without having the heat unbearably high?

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*use a portable elec. heater
*close the vents in her room
*hang insulated drapes
*Use an elec. heating mattress cover (put waterproof sheet over if necessary & cut the mattress pad off a few minutes before bedtime)
*Change type of clothing:
knit cap
flannel shirts/pants/skirts
knit undervest
knee socks
*test for anemia
What do YOU call "unbearably high"? On cold nights, I turn the thermostat up to 76, and during the day I keep the thermostat at about 72...73.
dress her in layers .If she will let you. Add lots of covers to the bed, warm socks. Always have a nice cozy throw for her to use while in her easy chair. If she will not keep these things on. There is nothing you can do . You have tried your best. Don't stress.
I am going to order one of those Amish-crafted "fireplaces" that can be easily moved from room to room; they include a space heater inside that glows like a fire. If others in your family can chip in with the cost, perhaps it would make a great holiday gift for your loved one. The website price is $348; on the TV ad I think it is $200 something. (And, no! I don't work for the company but just think it's a "cool" item to warm everyone's heart who gathers around it!)
How old is she? At 99, even when the temp is up to 80 degrees, Mom sits with a blanket on. As we age, our circulation doesn't seem to work as well at keeeping us warm even tho our body temp says we are normal. I just put more clothes on her and lighter clothes on me.
My mother is always cold, especially her feet. I bought her an electric throw and it is great when she is reclining in her easy chair. She's not constantly saying she's cold anymore. I had to find something, because we can't afford to keep the heat as high as it would have to be to keep her comfortable. I wanted to get her a heated mattress pad also, but I was afraid to do that because she wets the bed at times.
I bought my Mom sweatshirts, thats the only tops she wants now.
Amazing how many of us are out here coping as well as we can with similar situations! Your compassion & dedication are so evident. Consider this a hug for you all.
I agree with the layers idea. My mom wears long underwear, a long sleeve tee shirt and then a shirt. A heavy long sleeved men's cotton shirt works great. I found some nice pants that were designed for outdoor wear at a Columbia outlet store. When that's not enough I put a small blanket over her.
Next time you are at a drugstore, please purchase the old hot-water bottle. It does more for cold feet than you may know. When your feet are warm, you are warm and comfortable, so fill the rubber bottle with HOT water and place it under her feet and she will sleep like a baby.

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