When considering annual net income what items should be expenses when applying for Veterans Benefits?

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For what purpose do you need to figure this out? Any form you are filling out should give specific directions as to what to count as income and what kinds of expenses to deduct.
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One paper I have pertaining to VA Benefits for assisted living or homebound care shows the income as "income minus expenses". It was on this web-site. I care for my mother sometimes and I have a large expense for gas since she does not live near me. Her social security and pensions may exceed the allowable income, so I was wondering what expenses might bring her income down. She lives alone, needs a walker, and is home bound. I also have to find a way to help her pay for yard work, cleaning, etc. It's a lot of work for my brother and me, and in my case, giving her the greater care she needs keeps me from working a full-time job, since I would have to stay overnight. I am filling out her VA Benefits application now and I have a benefits administrator helping me, but she's afraid of what the doctor will say for her exam. I am trying to encourage her about getting the Benefits she desperately needs now.

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