How do I help my mom when her scalp itches?

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Mom's scalp itches and she has asked a few doctors for answers and has followed directions with no relief. I say use Head and Shoulders. Does anyone have any suggestions? She has tried Baby Shampoo as doc said. Still not satisfied. Also, she is obsessive about her hair falling out regardless of people telling her it is normal. I hear 120 strands of hair is not excessive loss for a day. Thanks.

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See if you can find the no-rinse shampoo that they sell in medical supply places, or on-line. It cleans and is soothing and may result in less hair loss.
Try a little baking soda mixed with the shampoo.Let it set a few minutes on her head.. It will make her hair real soft and blance the ph on her skin. Also works on arms and legs if they itch. A little organic apple cider vinegar, (Bragg brand is a good one) rubbed into her scalp after she washes her hair works good too.. Leave it in. Don't get any in her eyes it will burn. She will smell like a pickel but it helped me. Use the baking soda every time you wash her hair and the vinegar treatment until the itching stops. Also get her a new pillow.
I would get some shampoo with tea tree oil that will help and I think it smells good too!
It maybe dementia related. My mom itches all over to no avail. She also thinks she is going bald. She can run her fingers through her hair and tell us to look at all the hair that come out and there won't be any there. I have tried every thing for her itching but nothing helps and she scratches till she bleeds. Another problem is she thinks she has worms crawling all over her. It's all dementia related. I have done a lot of research on it and some elderly people develop a crawly feeling that is 1 due to less elasticity to their skin and in their mind.
the local drug store should sel a product calld scalpacine , its for scalp itch. its liquid, its a menthol base so it tingles, and lasts for days. When i was going thru my divorce my " nerves" got real bad and i began itching, so much that my hair started to thin on one side. I found this stuff at the store and it does work
As we age our skin gets drier and drier. My MIL had taken Omega 3's now for over a year and not only has her 'dandruff' improved - but also her skin. So, I would make certain she is getting enough Omega 3's - most of us are not. I am a fax of Dr. OZ and he swears by a muti vitamin daily, extra D3 and Omega 3's. That's the least I would do :0) Anything 'natural' takes a while to work - so don't give up too soon. It think it was 6 mos or more before I noticed a difference. Don't give up. Also, some seasons - winter especially - can be so dry. Add moisture to your air with a humidifier or even boiling water on the stove. This helps my MIL a lot. (watch the pot though :0)
Boy, the typos in that last entry!!! Meant my MIL 'has taken' and 'FAN' of Dr. Oz. :0)
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I actually add a drop of tee tree oil to a quarter-size squirt of regular shampoo. It has antibacterial properties. (I buy tea tree oil from Vitacost,.com, but it's readily available at any drugstore, I would think.) You also might try a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a quart of final rinse water. Then, the less she scratches the greater chance either or both those home remedies will be effective.
I know that my mom started loosing her hair due to low throid. I would suggest using warm olive oil on her hair and scalp before a bath. Let it sit for awhile & wash it out. A gentle shampoo, some cream rinse & brushing with a bristle not wire brush helps stimulate the oil glands. Make sure that she drinks pleanty of water.
My hair dresser suggested putting lotion on the scalp at night. It worked wonders for my itchy head which was just dry. According to him, a lot of the shampoos for dandruff just cause more dryness and make the problem worse.

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