Is there some sort of "agent" who will find, fill out, file, and secure placement in appropriate housing for seniors for a fee?

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There is a national professional association, Certified Senior Advisors ( that has many different professionals, all working in the aging field, that can assist you with some of this. You type in your locationa nd they generate alisting of the association members within that are. They will require payment and most insurance (and certainly not Medicare), will not reimburse. Other than that, here is what I would do first... Check with your state Department of Aging or local Area Agency on Aging(every state has one). In Georgia, they are a part of the Department of Human Services, but each state sets them up differently. I would start with the Dept of Human Services and/ or the Department of Family and Children Services, and see if they will give you the phone number if you can't find it easily in the phonebook or on the internet. Good luck and God bless!

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