Is there some kind of plastic that can be put on carpeting to direct an 87-year-old with Alzheimer's Disease to the bathroom?

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Yes! Its not for that but you can make it work. In my past life(that's what I call it) I had a flooring store. It's a giant roll of "scotch tape". Builders use it to cover new carpeting in a home where work is still being done. It's thin, it sticks very well, you are able to pull it up with no residue, and it protects your carpet. I believe Its called carpet mask. You will find it at supply houses- places that cater to flooring installers but not usually places like home depot or lowes. Visit a flooring store or a new home showroom. They'd be able to direct you. I suggest you cut out bright arrows and place thm on your existing floor, then put the "tape" over it, if your flooring is light, you may even be able to just draw arrows with a marker.
I jokingly call our walks to the potty "The Long Yellow Mile". Maybe you could just get yellow runners and make a nice long yellow mile! It became a wonderful friendly joke with my clients.
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If you're carpet is going to be replaced in the future you could stencil/paint some arrows on there (I think they even make glow in the dark paint!)
You could get them a port a poty for their bedroom. If they remember to us it it could cut down on mishaps in the hall and such.
Be sure that whatever you place over the carpet is not slippery or obstructive as it would become a fall hazard.

Also, motion detector "nightlights" are a good addition to whatever you choose for your carpet.

Runners would work if your worried about carpet stains but Depends are probably a better option. An 87 yr old with AD is going to need help each and every time they go to the bathroom. Find the time, strength and patience to be a caregiver would be my suggestion.
I use puppy pads, one facing down and one facing up, on top of each other, and tape them down to the carpet so my dad doesn't catch his foot, with the blue masking tape and then in the bathroom, I also tape them to the tile. "Just in case" an accident happens, easy to clean up. I have found that the Depends for men are horrible because of a lack of a fly. I found underware for incontinence in the Vermont Catalog. Pricey, but worth it.
Most home improvement stores such as Home Depot or Lowes
carry a product that is used to protect carpet in a construction situation or "Open House" . This product is similar to a large roll of tape.
(maybe 36" to 48" wide and many feet long) It is stickey enough to stay put, but can be removed and replaced as needed.

I also thought about bright arrows ... that glow in the dark. Keeping the bathroom door open after every use would help too.

-- ED
Lots of good ideas! I started using bright orange arrows directing my mom to the bathroom a couple weeks ago. They seem to be helping the most out of everything I have tried. . We tried the floor cover, but it bothered her too much so I had to remove it. Depends help too, but she has a habit of "getting ready" before she gets to the toilet, therefore if they arent on her they don't help much. Another thing that has helped is, we removed her bedroom door and it makes it faster for her to get to the bathroom at night. We also have a magnetic type door stop on the bathroom door, so it makes it hard for her to shut it, when she is shutting all the doors in the house(one of the things she has to do) so having it open is helpful too.

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